How much of a problem smoking is in Qatar….

Watch this short video to know more about the increase in smoking in Qatar and whether measures being taken by the government to bring levels under control are effective.

Find out how short your life gets with every cigarette you smoke….

Open the link below on a new browser to view the lifespan calculator:


Popular culture of smoking in Qatar

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Can you spot how many Shisha’s there are in the picture below?

A bird's eye-view of people smoking Shisha at Souq Waqif.


Answer: 16.


See the trend of cigarette imports in Qatar:

Reality Check

Answer the following questions to test your knowledge about smoking.

Q1. How many cigarettes does an average person in Qatar smoke annually?

a. 2000           b. 6000         c.12,000        d. 10,000

Q2. What is the annual amount of money Qatar spends on smoke-related diseases?

a. $25 million          b. $150 million          c. $130 million          d. $80 million

Q3. What is the percentage of male and female smokers in Qatar?

a.male: 10% female: 10%          b. male: 37% female: 0.5%          c. male: 30% female: 2%      d. male: 25% female: 5%

Q4. How much do restaurants that sell Shisha earn per day?

a. QR10,000 – QR15,000        b. QR3000 – QR8000      c. QR4000 – QR9000

d. QR100 – QR 2000

Q5. What is the percentage of smokers in lung cancer incidences in Qatar?

a. 82.5%        b. 50.5%         c. 70.2%          d. 30.6%

Q6. On average tobacco use kills one person every ______?

a.  week          b. day          c. 6 hours          d. 6 seconds




1). 12,000

2) $150 million

3) male: 37% female 0.5%

4) QR 10,000-15,000

5) 82.5%

6) 6 secs.